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Anderson Adams deals with lots of new home purchases. That’s partly because we’re located at 8034 Yonge Street in an area with lots of new development and new home construction, just south of the Barrie South Go Station. That means we’re very close to the lands annexed a few years ago by Barrie, where building is booming. And the Town of Innisfil also has lots of other new home construction at every price point.

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Pretty much nobody wants to go to court. At Anderson Adams, whether you’re being sued or you need to sue somebody, we try hard to resolve matters through alternate dispute resolution techniques: negotiation, mediation, collaboration, arbitration.

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In 2017, Anderson Adams was very proud that lawyer Vanessa Playtis was elected as a member-at-large to the real estate section of the Ontario Bar Association: read all about it right here!

And in that role, Vanessa plunged right into the intricacies of Bill 124, Ontario’s Rental Fairness Act, which has introduced a whole series of amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act and is now in force and effect.

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You’ve separated. Maybe you were married. Maybe you were common-law or cohabiting spouses. Maybe you had kids together and maybe not. Maybe you owned a house or acquired other assets during your relationship, and maybe not.

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What are contingency fees? That’s what’s being offered when you see an advertisement which says, “You don’t pay until we win.” And contingency fees are often offered with free consultations up front. Sounds good, right? So: why don’t all law firms offer contingency fees and free consultations?

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Maybe you’ve already read our blog, “Where there’s a will . . .  (there’s peace of mind)”.

If you haven’t, and perhaps need a bit more information about why making your will matters, here’s the link:‑theres‑a‑will.html.

So once you’ve made an appointment to give will instructions, what can you expect? What information would it be helpful to have at your fingertips when you meet with your lawyer?

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Do you enjoy watching video blogs? LawPro (which provides various types of supportive services to lawyers in Ontario) has produced a number of interesting vlogs on topics of interest to people buying real estate which we’re welcome to share with you.

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There are so many resources out there on the internet. Legislation from all over the world. Case law too. Draft contracts and agreements and wills. Precedents of every kind. And increasingly we’re all accustomed to using the internet as our first source of information: most often, by Googling on our phones. We can and we do get instant information, 24/7.

So: why do you need to pay a lawyer to give you legal advice?

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How much is it going to cost? Just about everybody needing legal services is worried about the cost. 

At Anderson Adams, we understand that worry. And we do have some set fee services. 

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You’re in business. Congratulations. Small business is the backbone of our economy. But have you thought about what kind of small business structure suits your particular business best?

When they’re just getting started, many people begin with a “sole proprietorship”. An individual owns the business and is maybe the only worker in the business. There aren’t any costs in establishing a sole proprietorship. But there aren’t any protections either.

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