Right Beside You

If you are interested in working at Anderson Adams, we are always receiving applications. Please send your application, resume and references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, we do regret that we will be able to respond only to applicants selected for an interview.

When we ask each other what we like most about working at Anderson Adams, here’s what we say...

Being free to work and practise law without any external pressures in a friendly, collegial and enjoyable atmosphere.

Mike Adams

I love the law, but it can be tough.  Every day I’m grateful for the expertise, hard work and kindness of my colleagues.

Ellen Anderson

Definitely the people: we all work well together, respectfully and compassionately.

Kelly Campbell

The people I work with: we get along so well and are always helping each other.

Tonya Hamilton

I just like the group of people here. Everyone is wonderful to work with.

Laura Leach

I like it because we all get along well. We are respected and respectful. Everybody offers to help. People have worked here for years because they like it.

Donna Neal

I love the atmosphere. It’s inviting, calm and friendly. The staff is what makes it.

Vanessa Playtis

You respect us and we’re treated as co-workers, not just as employees.

Julie Rhodes

I am impressed with the diligence and skill of my colleagues and I feel very fortunate to work with this group.  I value the mission statement of the firm highly and I believe that the firm and its members truly do live the statement “right beside you.”

Perla R. Smith