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Perla R. Smith, LL.B., LL.M.

Location: Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 705-436-1701

Fax: 705-436-1710

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Perla Smith earned her law degree at the University of Tamaulipas in Mexico and worked as a lawyer there in a variety of contexts before coming to Ontario in 2008.

It was all great preparation.  However, Mexico has a “civil code” system of law, which meant Perla had a long road ahead before she could qualify to practice in our quite different “common law” jurisdiction in Ontario. 

There must have been some discouraging moments, but Perla is determined and persistent.  She took on many different jobs before obtaining a position as a legal assistant; in this role she acquired practical experience in civil, family and real estate law.  Most of her co-workers never knew she was herself a fully qualified lawyer.  In 2017 Perla completed her LL.M. at Osgoode as part of her bar admission process and in May 2018 she finished up her articles at a Barrie law firm before joining Anderson Adams.  Her call to the Ontario bar in late June 2018 is the culmination of a 10 year process.

At Anderson Adams, Perla is working on both the solicitor side – real estate, wills and estates – and on the barrister side – dealing with some litigation matters, too.  Through her broad prior experience,  Perla has already demonstrated her ability to cope with whatever challenges her new life in law may present.  Friendly and approachable, all of her post-immigration jobs meant Perla developed skill in connecting easily and comfortably on a personal level in many different contexts: certainly one of the most essential qualities of an effective lawyer.    

Despite the rigours of that qualification process,  Perla somehow found extra time to establish deep roots in Barrie and Innisfil through a variety of volunteer commitments.  In particular, she is actively involved in the Barrie Latin Resource Centre which serves the growing community of local Spanish-speaking people who’ve settled here from many different countries.  Completely fluent in both English and Spanish, Perla is well able to offer legal services in both languages. 

Among her own interests, Perla loves to travel -- even choosing to backpack in India with her husband on her honeymoon. As a young mother she cherishes every moment with her small son and new daughter: Perla is currently on parental leave from Anderson Adams.