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Right Beside You


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the attorneys at Anderson Adams for their help in settling my aunt’s estate. In doing so, Anderson Adams skillfully navigated a variety of complex issues such as a large number of beneficiaries, the lack of a will, and joint executors. In particular, I'd like to thank Tonya Hamilton and Mike Adams, who worked diligently to ensure the process ran smoothly. Both Mike and Tonya responded quickly to emails or phone calls, took the time to explain the next steps in the process, and were available to offer advice and answer questions. Tonya and Mike's professionalism was matched only by their understanding - I felt comfortable reaching out to them in all situations. We also had to sell a house as part of the settling of the estate. Vanessa Playtis and Kelly Campbell assisted us with that task. They too were professional and accommodating. I absolutely recommend the whole team at Anderson Adams if you need any legal representation.

Sue H.

I wish to express my gratitude to the firm of Anderson Adams for their very helpful assistance in settling the estate of my late wife. I had not anticipated the extensive administrative requirements associated with this matter and am particularly grateful to Mike Adams and Tonya Hamilton for guiding me through this complex process.


Thanks for all of your help getting through the process and achieving a reasonable settlement.  I wouldn’t have had the energy to make the journey without you. You helped keep me motivated during a tough year.

The professionalism and preparedness was unbelievable.

We were very impressed with our recent experience with Vanessa Playtis.  It was time for me to update my Will and Powers of Attorney and my partner needed to have these documents done for the first time.  Unfortunately, his previous attempt to start the process ended in frustration and it took over three years to get him onboard.  Once we met with Vanessa, however, his doubts disappeared.  Vanessa took the time to explain the legal terms and process in a respectful and understandable way.  Our documents were drafted up within a week of our initial meeting and it was only due to our schedules that it was three weeks from beginning to end.  It is not often that one can look back on a legal experience and actually smile!  Thank you, Vanessa and also to Laura Leach for making the process easy and enjoyable.

With gratitude,
Pauline and Rick

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anderson Adams for assisting me in executing the final wishes of my late father Donal Irons Sr. A special thanks to Tonya Hamilton for all your patience and understanding with all my queries.

Your firm is very approachable and understanding to our needs. Your patience and timely responses to my questions eased my family through the long process.

I would recommend your firm to others as a result of the positive experience we had in dealing with everyone there.

Donal Irons Jr.

Regarding the limited scope retainer, I would not have been able to afford any help without it. The help I received from you was priceless. I honestly can't thank you enough, you've given me hope in this stressful situation when I was led to believe that there was no hope, and no point in continuing to fight for more time with my daughter.

Recently I decided to sell my house and asked a friend who she had used as her lawyer for her also very recent house sale. She recommended Anderson Adams. I am SO GLAD that she did. When I bought the property 5 or so years ago, I used a different law firm, to whom the selling agent had referred me and I have to say, I was most unhappy with them. Their support staff is arrogant and totally uncaring of what the client’s needs are. I found that there were some minor paperwork errors made they weren’t willing to correct. The lawyer himself seemed remote and not really involved in the transaction, other than he ‘had to be’. Thankfully, Vanessa Playtis and her able assistant, Kelly Campbell, of Anderson Adams couldn’t be more opposite! They are vigilant, professional and know from where they speak of the complexities of real estate processes and procedures. They are extremely organized and punctual, two traits which I value highly. I found Vanessa to be exceedingly knowledgeable and communicative in a timely fashion, with follow-up after everything was completed. I’ve never had a lawyer do that before - follow-up before on a real estate transaction. I am impressed. I totally recommend Anderson Adams and specifically Vanessa Playtis and Kelly Campbell for all your legal real estate transaction requirements.

Phyllis Mahon

It has been four years and the only ties left between Jim and I are our two boys. It appears our lives have settled down and we all have our own direction.

Thank you again Ellen for all that you have done for me from your guidance, words of wisdom and legal representation. I'm not sure where my life would have ended up if I had not met you almost three years ago. I have grown and learned a lot about myself through all this and am very happy of who I am.

Lynn McIllwaine

I was selected years prior to be the power of attorney and executor of my aunt and her estate. During the 7 years I acted in these capacities, Anderson Adams was there to provide assistance. Their expertise, knowledge and professionalism was truly appreciated the most in dealing with wrapping up my aunt’s estate. While not overly complicated, there were numerous beneficiaries. They provided clear and concise guidance and were always there to lend a hand when there was a bump in the road when wrapping up the estate.

Mike and Tonya were truly invaluable during this process and I would highly recommend them and Anderson Adams to anyone in similar situations.

K. McVicar

Thank you for all of the hard work you did to make this happen for me. Oh yes and your patience. Each time I came into the office I was always greeted with a smile by everyone. This helped me.

Thank you so much for your guidance through this process. Your understanding and gentle words of encouragement gave me the strength and determination to make the right choices.


Cannot say enough good things about Vanessa and Kelly. Both were very efficient and were always available to answer any questions or concerns. At the time of both the sale and purchase Vanessa took the time to go through the legal documentation and explain in detail what the various documents were. I would highly recommend using Vanessa for your future real estate transactions

R Ritchie

I have used the services and expertise of Anderson Adams Lawyers four times. For each occasion my wife and I were impressed with the straight forward explanations of proceedings, honest answers, coaching for court sessions and above all the successful conclusions.

Administrative items such as wills and a home sale were error free, clear and understandable. This was very important to us as the legal requirements change with time and we were confident that the documentation was correct and complete.

Most appreciated in potentially stressful situations was the calm demeanor and reassuring atmosphere by Mike Adams, Ellen Anderson and Vanessa Playtis. They are all very competent, knowledgeable and pleasant professionals to deal with.

For future legal needs we would not consider going to any other law firm.

Brian and Helen Malloy

I have used Anderson Adams to represent my interests for both the purchase and sale of several properties. On all occasions I have had nothing short of a fantastic experience. This firm is prompt to deal with, well versed in all matters and executes flawlessly. Recently my interests have been moved to a new lawyer at the firm, Vanessa Playtis. Working with Miss Playtis has been nothing short of superb! Her understanding of the law, and the way in which all matters are executed have been fantastic. Both Miss Playtis and Miss Campbell (Law Clerk) are truly a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend both the firm and that team to anyone in need of legal representation.


Tonya, this is to personally thank you for your kindness and understanding while helping me process and finalize my late brother's estate on behalf of his 2 sons.. In the end, it's hard to believe we worked together for more than 1-1/2 years. Many of the details with ongoing changes created some unusual difficulties for both of us, but your patience and professionalism got us there. For my nephews, and myself, it was very much appreciated. Again, thank you so much....

Jim R.

When I hired Mike Adams and his firm to help me move forward through some very complex and emotionally intense family issues I expected wise, confident counsel and expertise. Mike’s patient guidance and astute kindness and personal dedication to my problems were the added bonus. I thank you for representing me well. My sanity is still intact, I think, thanks to you both.

Thanks, Mike

It was a pleasure to deal with Mike Adams and his Team.

Mike’s fact gathering and the organization of those facts assisted greatly in understanding what caused the litigation and how best to resolve it favourably.

His thoughtfulness and experience to prepare every step of the way up to and including the trial, was paramount in our success. We attempted many times to avoid a trial throughout the process without any success.

Mike explained the process to us and what we could expect throughout the process. The matter went to trial and we were successful. I have confidence and trust in Mike Adams and would recommend him to anyone in the litigation process.

Four years ago family members brought a case against us over the use of a right-of way.This dispute involved a legal family agreement and property law. Beyond mediation which would have been our choice, arbitration and an offer to settle were rejected by the other party. Besides her extensive background in property law, Ellen Anderson, who handled the case, analysed the family dynamics. Using that combination she preseved our right-of- way, as well as saving ourselves, and the members of the family who brought the case against us, from the even more costly expenses of further court procedures and trial.


I am very grateful for all the work Mike Adams has done on my behalf. It has now been five years since the person who owed me for a second mortgage on the house I sold him, tried to swindle me out of my money. Since then, many different people have become involved in this case, all intent on cheating me out of what was rightfully mine. If it had not been for Mike, I would have given up on ever seeing any of that money, but he soldiered on and I have benefited from his hard work. It is not over yet, but I know that I am in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I see him as a hard working and dedicated man, always looking out for the welfare of his clients. What more could anyone want in a lawyer? It has always been a pleasure to hear from him I am very happy that I came to him when I was in trouble.

"I found the law office to be very professional, and I was extremely pleased with the work they did on my behalf. I would not hesitate to use them again."


 "I was devastated! I had been presented with a document to sign that would put me on voluntary probation; effectively allowing my employer to fire me for any reason. I needed legal advice on how to deal with my problem. I made a few phone calls inquires to different law firms and decided to meet with Ellen Anderson. Believe me when I say I was an emotional wreck when I first met Ellen Anderson.

I had been keeping a journal as per my therapist urging as a coping tool for dealing with my workplace environment. I used my journal to show Ellen what I had been dealing with at work. She was very calm and professional which helped me get through that first interview. When she told me that she believed that I had a case for workplace harassment and bullying, I felt relieved! I had a champion, someone who believed in me. I felt justified and empowered. I was able to move forward in my alternate career retraining and job search while she fought my legal battles.

Ellen presented my case to Human Rights. We then had a face to face meeting with my (soon to be former) manager and Human Resource staff at a Human Rights mediation session. Unfortunately, a mediated settlement was not attainable. A civil suit was initiated and ultimately settled out of court. I needed closure on my suffering in a toxic work environment; having a settlement made me feel vindicated. I am so thankful to Ellen Anderson and her team for championing my cause and getting satisfaction. I am hopeful that former employer has implemented anti-harassment policies. No one should have to put up with harassment!"

"In October 2008, I was in need of legal representation and services, having just recently separated from my wife. Based on a recommendation, I contacted the Innisfil law firm, to assist me in my journey throughout this difficult ordeal. I was terribly stressed and confused. In hindsight, I was fortunate to connect with Anderson at the time. From beginning to end, I received tremendous support and guidance. Following the initial consultation process, I became very comfortable in acknowledging the ability and skill of the law firm to deliver the best service possible on my behalf. Anderson provided a personal collaborative approach for effectively handling the situation, understanding the various circumstances and options, deriving strategies for a resolution and eventually, achieving a positive and timely outcome. Based on my personal involvement, I would highly recommend Anderson Adams, a legal firm that specializes in family law, with such diligence, in a detail-oriented, focused and communicative fashion in the best interests of their client. I have moved forward from this experience with confidence and an optimistic life perspective."


"Using the services of Ellen Anderson made a difficult time in my life much easier to take. My separation was a difficult one, but Ellen's professionalism and compassion made it much easier for me to get through. Her work was very thorough and detailed yet handled with a high degree of empathy. I found this excellent legal experience unlike any other I have had in the past, and I highly recommend the services of Ms. Anderson to anyone requiring family law services."

R. Passera

"We have used the firm on many occasions. The entire firm, lawyers and staff, are a pleasure to deal with. They are easy to talk to and very knowledgeable whenever we need assistance. Their firm provides advice and representation with respect to the rights and obligations between our organization and our employees in all aspects of employment relationships and the application of relevant legislation. We receive sound advice and we are extremely pleased with the process and the results. We recommend their services, without hesitation."

Heather MacDonald, CEO Peoples Credit Union Limited

I have formally had two dealings with the law firm. One was for a real estate transaction and the other was for a legal separation and division of assets (Ms. Ellen Anderson). In both cases I came away as a very happy client. I was made to feel very comfortable and well cared for. I stood to lose eighty percent of my assets before retaining your law firm to represent me. Your attention to detail, professionalism and expertise resulted in a dramatic and positive outcome for me. When it came to paying your fees, it was a pleasure, because you did not cost me money, you saved me a lot of money. I would not hesitate, recommending the law firm to people in need of good legal counsel. Thanks to your firm I came away with a renewed sense of belief and trust in the legal profession. Thank you kindly for your help. Great people!

Respectfully, Stuart McEvoy.

"My experience was excellent. Ellen Anderson represented me in a family law matter utilizing the Collaborative Family Law methodology. Ellen was meticulous in her attention to detail, easy to communicate with, and by the end of the process I saw her not only as my lawyer but as a trusted advisor.

"I would highly recommend Anderson as well as the general approach of Collaborative Family Law, as I believe it helped reach an agreement with less stress, time, and reduced potential for conflict."

Andrew Lee

"I had the good fortune to meet Ellen when faced with dealing with what could have turned into a very contentious battle with my employer. Ellen's calm and confident professionalism eased my fears through the weeks of negotiations; negotiations which resulted in a very favourable settlement in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Ellen and her team when dealing with any labour situation, and would not hesitate to call upon her for any future legal requirements. "